The first thing shown was Vergil

The video played scenes in reverse order. The first thing shown was Vergil, dead, and lying on a bed covered with pictures and scraps of paper. The whole room was littered with pictures and squares of paper. Thanksgiving brings to me two remarkable realities. The first is how another tribe has taken this all American celebration and made it their own. I was born into this tribe, the Inupiat.

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In our Freshman year, he had us reading Chaucer Shakespeare, Chaucer in the medieval vernacular English and Shakespeare in the original “old” English. We had to actually recite paragraphs and explain, to classmates, what it meant. As in all small schools, the teachers did double and even triple duties, he was also my teacher in Speech, Drama and was the moderator of the our forensic (debate) teams which went on to win several state and one national title..

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