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Anna herself was a sign. This was one of their points of advocacy? How “oppressed” can you be when one of your sticking points is not being able to stick your dicks in homosexual women? All the while screaming “cis privilege” at natal women, natal women who suffer from FGM? Natal women who are forced into child marriages? Who die in period huts? Who are raped and beaten and forced to submit around the world daily? They have privilege over you? The maleness just jumped out at me.. Myne betrayal falls neatly into many of the same cliches and lazy tropes that have been fueling genuinely misogynist, harmful rhetoric for years. Why is this organizational change important and what is the magnitude of the change? How is this change going to affect customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders? How does this change impact your specific industry and market? At SureWerx, our corporate brand identity changed once we were acquired by a private equity firm. Our interactive map shows the forecast for every 5 square kilometers in the state.