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And finally, I won’t have to look at blinking, rotating text. Sorry if I’m sounding a bit brusque, but this last change has pushed me into action. Tom Morris 13:36, 7 February 2010 (UTC). The plaque reads:HERE WAS LOCATED A MILITARY CAMP DURING THE CIVIL WAR, AT WHICH WERE TRAINED MORE THAN HALF OF THE RECRUITS FROM IOWA.IN 1862 SEVERAL HUNDRED SIOUX INDIANS WERE IMPRISONED HERE FOLLOWING THE MINNESOTA MASSACRE.ERECTED BY HANNAH CALDWELLCHAPTER, DAUGHTERS OF THEThe park held a Civil War Muster and Mercantile Exposition annually in the 1980s. The Village of East, which contains the southwest corner of the camp was listed on the register as the Village on March 17, 1980. Most of what was Camp McClellan is in the McClellan Heights Historic District, and it was listed on the National Register November 1, 1984..

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