Played three years of varsity ball

LeMay, Abigail K. Lemoine, Kelly M. Letourneau (NHS)(PEA), Lyndsey P. As a student on a basketball scholarship, Carey needed spending cash, and NCAA rules prohibited scholarship players from working. Carey saw a market her hungry classmates and offered her delectable soul food a couple nights a week.A year after opening Carey Cuisine on St. Barnabas Road in Temple Hills, Carey fried chicken wingettes ($9), southern fried chicken ($7), glazed turkey ham and a host of other menu offerings were recognized in a national contest, where Carey, 32, was named a finalist.Carey Cuisine was recognized as one of the best soul food restaurants in the country at the Sixth Annual Hoodie Awards in Las Vegas, hosted by comedian and radio host Steve Harvey.really means a lot to me, said Carey, who lives in Upper Marlboro.

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