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Our action led one to being struck off a sanction we supported.”The second incident was of a more minor nature but again we took the wholly appropriate reaction of reporting the matter.”We have been in businesses for 26 years and take pride in providing high quality care for our residents.”On August 11, Barbara MacDonald was struck off after the SSSC hammered her for a slew of offences against residents.The panel ruled she had abused and bullied older people in her care by refusing to let them use the toilet, causing one known only as AA to defecate and urinate in their clothing.She was also ruled to have spoken to the same resident in an “aggressive and threatening tone” and called them an “English ct”.The tribunal found she excluded AA from activities and ignored their emergency buzzer, before moving it out of reach.All of the offences took place at the Inchinnan home between February and March 2014.Last week, Robert Sinclair, a worker at Littleinch’s Erskine home, was sanctioned by the SSSC for placing an elderly woman in a wheelchair without following strict moving and handling guidelines.A warning was placed on his file for 12 months after the breach on December 13 last year.A week earlier, Carole Cassidy, a staff member at the same home, was given an identical punishment for hauling a lady up by the arm and putting her in a wheelchair on the same date..

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