Kurmai, znany rwnie jako mangni w Hindusw jest generalnie

“I was watching TV and I learned that the Canadian government was going to take more refugees, you know, who couldn’t go to the United States, and they were coming here,” Mr. Bissonnette said. “I saw that and I like lost my mind. I would have thought the review desk had timecoded replays so you can infer from one shot to the next what happened when. Obviously on a common sense basis you can look at the position of the ballplayers (how far from the bag, hand position, the angles, even details like the way the uniforms were flapping in the wind) and easily see that the one replay that had the “moment” that was unclear in terms of foot contact with the bag DID overlap the shot everyone saw where the foot was nowhere near the bag. But without timecode apparently they were not willing to make that obvious judgement..

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