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Dear Friends

My name is Fan Jiafei. I was born in the poorest county of northeast Yunnan province, China, a ordinary family. I have been addicted to painting since young age, in 1997, I was admitted to Yunnan College of Art and Design, as the first girl who got the credit in the history of my hometown.

After graduation from University, while being engaged in sculpture design and painting teaching , I founded Jia Fei Art Training Center on my own. The training center expanded fast, thus I got more and more in material life.

however, I could always feel there is obviously a empty hole in my heart. I felt the urge to do something meaningful.
All over the world, China is the only country that has 5000 years of long history without fraction in culture, due to the invention of ancient characters. These characters are more like the veins of a nation, in fact the image and meaning of a character is a vivid picture itself. But now, you can hardly assume the original image by looking at many simplified Chinese characters, what makes it worse, few teachers are willing to teach kids about the origin and evolution of each character, but only instruct them to copy the character over and over again.

Because of that, children have no comprehensive understanding about the character when they are required to write them, in their eyes, each character is just a pile of strokes that seems so difficult and boring. Not to mention the hidden wisdom of life inherited by characters.

More terrible thing is, with the development of high technology, children become the “thumb tribe” while using the computers and smart phones more and more often. I started to think how to raise children’s interest in learning Chinese character culture heritage during artistic creation process, and by doing that a seed of beautiful Chinese characters can be planted in their little heart.

Therefore, I started to think about the connections among early childhood education, children’s painting and Chinese culture. I studied advanced educational philosophy on education of children, the evolution of Chinese characters, as well as Chinese traditional culture. Two classic book named Shuo Wen Jie zi(Explanation and Analysis of Chinese Characters) and” Book of Changes” have enlightened me greatly.

Later, I attempted to explore and combine Chinese culture, Chinese characters and creative painting in my teaching practice. In my first character-drawing lesson, I tried to teach the word “love”. All the parents and myself were deeply astonished by what the children have accomplished! Their interest have been greatly inspired by knowing the evolution stories of the character , their understanding, imagination and creation is far beyond our expectation. The more exciting news is, many parents gave me their feedbacks saying their children had changed learning attitude from passive study to active study after taking more and more character-drawing classes!

After years of practice, I also found my life-long objective which is to develop a new learning methodology for kids to learn Chinese characters, Chinese culture and wisdom in a immersion environment. Despite of nations, genders and races, children all over the world can use their inborn universal language painting and drawing to enter the amazing world of chinese character s, meanwhile, to open a attractive and vivid door of learning for all chinese culture enthusiasts!

Beautiful hieroglyphic chinese character carries a variety of knowledge of art, literature, science, philosophy, ethics and common sense of life. Through Jia Fei Hua Zi— Chinese Leteracy Immersion Learning Methodology, I desire to spread enlightenment knowledge of Chinese characters ( origin, evolution, hidden wisdom), to inspire learner’s intense cognitive interest of Chinese characters and finally make them fall in love with the characters , and then chinese character culture can be naturally inherited—— has been my big dream, and I would devote all my energy and effort to make real.

— Fan Jiafei



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