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Brief Introduction of Fan Jiafei

Fan Jiafei, born in May 23, 1980 in the poorest county of northeast Yunnan province, China; in 1997, entered Yunnan College of Art and Design for study ; In August 2002, designed and manufactured the large-scale sculpture reliefs “Yunnan Ethnic Folklore”, “Flying” inside the entrance hall of Yunnan provincial government office building as the youngest artist; in 2001, found Jia Fei Training Center and then was engaged in children’s teaching for 15 years; developed Jia Fei Hua Zi——Chinese Literacy Immersion Learning Methodology concept and courseware as life goal. Jia Fei has a big dream, to open a attractive door of learning for children and culture enthusiasts all over the world!




The growth of Jiafei

Jiafei started painting at five years old.
At the age of ten, under the tutelage of hometown enlightenment teacher Qi Yong, she learned painting techniques.

At the age of twelve, she learned the art of paper cutting from Chinese famous paper cutting artist Mr. Yan Longcheng.

At the age of fourteen, she learned drawing and color from Professor Liao Kai of China Yunnan Arts University.

At the age of sixteen, she was admitted to China Yunnan Arts University, became the first girl in the hometown admitted to Academy of Fine Arts in the provincial capital .

At the age of eighteen, she studied sculpture from China famous sculpture artist old gentleman Yuan Xiaocen.

At the age of twenty-one, she founded Jiafei Arts Training School.

At the age of twenty-two, she designed and created large-scale relief Yunnan Folk Customs for the provincial government office building of Yunnan Province, China.

At the age of twenty-five, she began to develop teaching idea and teaching plans ofJia Fei Hua Zi( A systematic Chinese Literacy Immersion Learning Method).

At the age of twenty-seven, she studied Chinese classics Book of Changes from the famous Chinese I Ching master Hai Ping Hermit.

At the age of twenty-eight, she studied Chinese traditional culture from the Chinese traditional culture master Mr. Deng Songlin.

At the age of twenty-nine, she learned the Sinology application under the tutelage of teacher Zhai Hongshen.

At the age of thirty-one, she promoted the first professional certificate of Sinology — “Professional Certification of Chinese I Ching Planner “.

At the age of thirty-three, she completed the copyright application of teaching coursewareJia Fei Hua Zi( A systematic Chinese Literacy Immersion Learning Method).

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