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In October 2007, Kunming New Life newspaper had an personal interview with Fan Jiafei: Innovation Gave Her Wings to Fly

The small artist sale works devote love

In yesterday10 am, there are thousands of people in the golden square, waving many flags.The women’s foundation in Kunming, the Red Cross, Kunming Daily and the subsidiary of Anli corporation in China are cooperated to host an activity, which is focused on the devotion of love.The topic of the activity is “heart to heart with the children in disaster, take action right now!” In this activity, children sold their paintings for charity without low price. The money will be sent by the Red Cross in Kunming and it was used to help the victims of Sichuan earthquake.

A boy named Huixiang Zhou has been half three years old. He closed his favorite works to sell in this activity and his mom bought it by 10 RMB.”I took my child to join the activity, and in this way to help the victim.I believe this must be meaningful. Although he was young, I would assist him in conserve the work.I believe he would recognise the importance of love.”

Depending on Ms. Liu who was the worker of the host, until the afternoon, they had been got 10000 RMB.One of the half five years old child created a work “panda” and the work were sold 500 RMB. The price of this work was the highest in this activity.

The collection about children painting sale of charity in spring city close to 20000

Children’s day painting charity activity was hosted in the golden square yesterday, which the topic is “heart to heart with the children in disaster, take action right now!” There were at least 300, children’s 421 works were sold in charity in this whole process.They almost had the donation 19248.6 RMB.

In the sense of this activity, all of the people are excited, especially when a work named “the return of a baby panda”was soled by 5oo RMB.There is enthusiastic applause in the square.There are many people in front of the board that pasted up a lot of painting.They choosed those works and asked the details of the activity.One buyer Xiong Xiao told the journalist that all of her families are joining the action.Her daughter joined the painting sale and her husband and herself went to purchase some of these works.They hope to be able to help victims in this way.This activity attracted thousands of people stopped to join the activity.

The activity was hosted by the Women’s Foundation in Kunming, the Red Cross,Kunming Daily and the subsidiary of Anli corporation in China. Those institutions are compatible with the activity. They are the Jiafei art school.The Teen-agers National Art troupe in YunNan province, the sunshine auction limited company.

In order to make the victims felt the warmth and best wishes from friends come from Kunming.Last Sunday ,the newspaper co-operated with the women’s foundation in Kunming,the Red Cross,Kunming Daily and the subsidiary of Anli corporation in china cooperated to hosted the “heart to heart activity with the disaster children “sale in charity activity at “the golden horse green chook archway.”More than 300 children from the Jiafei art school, The Teen-agers National Art troupe in YunNan Province and Anli company cooperated the charity 19248.6 yuan by selling the painting and the sincere performance like dance and sing.More than 200 volunteers from Anli company and teachers in art schools and thousands of citizens supported the activity with their love.Every vivid work and sincere performance past the love of the victims.In the end,an unnamed person donated a wheel chair and a crutch,hoping to help the victims by this platform in this activity. .

The creativity making her get the swings of flying
All of the parents called her love heart teacher

Fanjiafei:27 years old, from ZhengXiong County, Zhaotong Town, Yunnan province.The member of China Artst Association, the vengeance of sculpture art.Now she was a headmaster of an art school.The picture is that Fan Jiafei taught study painting as a tutor.

The small height with a couple of small eyes and the gentle voice, making the automobile full of warm an d passing love to people who surrounding her. She crested the big relievo “Yunnan ethnic group feelings “ of the government office building of Yunnan province when she was 23 years old.When she was 24, she became the headmaster of an art school.She said:”I am a person who likes to try new thing, no matter wins or loses.”

“Although she looks small, our men can’t compare to her.”

Jiafei Art School sits nearby the West Mountain area government.There patched the honor photos of students and teachers in the entire wall.An art teacher Mr.Wu praised that: ” she is a great person with good ability, she has her own opinion, and would like to work for it.She always tries her best to complete every work. Our men can’t compare to her.”After while, Fan Jiafei came hungrily, the small height making her looks young and charming.It’s difficult to believe that such a young person is relate to her successful career. Fan introduced us the entrepreneurial experience.She became a laid-off worker in August ,2003, when the revolution of state-owned enterprise influenced the company she worked for.In October ,2004, Fanjiafei established Jiafei art school, that year she was 24 years old.She did those things by herself, which includes looking for place, recruiting teachers, leanings art knowledge.She recruited teachers, and more and more students learned at the Art School.Gradually Jiafei art became strong and she established three art schools.”The aim of Jiafei art school not only taught students an art, but also to train their character, love heart, confident, courage, communication, interpersonal relationship and social responsibility.”Jiafei host a love heart activity every three months.Fanjiafei deliver love of Minglang primary school in Tuanjie county of West Mountain area, combining with the school and become love school. Nowadays, the county family and the city family would visit each other at vacation.In this way, the city children’s superiority would be decreased and the country children could know more about the city.One student Daimingzhi’s mom told the reporter: ”I apprised Jiafei with two words–love heart.She can get 90 marks if I take to Jiafei.

“At every stage, I know what to do.”

Fan Jiafei who can get to 90 marks as a 80’s age personal success, confidence, courage are close relevant to her experience in student age.Fan Jiafei lived in a worker family full of warmth atmosphere.She began to draw a picture when she was 5 years old.She was admitted to Yunnan Art college when she was 16 years old. She was very good at major and she was class leader in college.

In Jiafei’s eyes,the influential experience in her life was a sales promotion.She began to be sold razor in her spare time as a freshman.She sold 5 sets of razor for the first time. She goes out the first step as a shy girl. After a month,she found this razor is cheaper in the wholesale market. Then she lent money from her brother to wholesale razor and patch the recruitment advertisement.She recruited 5 male students.They didn’t know Jiafei is a college student and called her manager Fan.After 2 month’s vacation,she didn’t lose money and didn’t win. The most important is that she won the primary bottle fortune in her life.The fortune not money,but responsibility that was committed by others and the ability of communication.In sophomore year, Fan Jiafei aim to New Year greeting card market.That was a winter holiday and students sent a New Year greeting card to each other.Fanjiafei wholesaled two packets New Year greeting cards on the wholesale market and sold it at college.”That day, I won 1000 RMB,.I am so glad to myself.I sent some cards to my friends.In her college,she sold greeting cards and to be a tutor.A part of making money in her spare time,she pays attention to her major learning.In order to link to sale market,her work for advertisement market,focus on graphic design.”I am clear at my target and what to be done in every stage.What is right and what is wrong.”Fan Jiafei was so busy on her college, busy to study,to make business but she didn’t experience romantic love.She didn’t find her Mr. Right until today.”

“I am familiar with soil when I was born”

Fan Jiafei was admitted by Yunnan Copper Group Company Yunhuibantong art limited company to be the only one art designer.“I was well aware of soil when I was born.” Fanjiafei follow a famous sculptor to learn how to make sure that sculpture when she was a high school student.The major knowledge in college and good painting skill makes her sculpture vivid. On March,2002,the Government new building was finished and the symbolic sculpture of Yunnan ethnic feeling should be finished by Yuntong company.Such a heavy and honor work was undertook by Fan Jiafei. It was kind of honer and responsibility,which make her excited.After three month’s hard work,she finished such a great job with her team.The heigh of the sculpture was 7m. The wide was 15m.Her success of the work was the biggest success of her life.Today,many people admire the great sculpture. Maybe they won’t believe such works were presented by a 23 years old girl. Recently Jiafei established her own culture communication company.She hopes what she learnt in college could be useful to her company.Besides, she intends to make different teleplay and journal.

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