Witness and Speeches

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I had a beautiful childhood memory with Miss Jiafei who opened a door of free imagination for me.
——student: Bao Jie, 2014.1


I called her Teacher Jiafei when I was in primary school, now I’d like to call her elder sister Jiafei.
——student: Qi Xinrui (first one from Jiafei’s left)

Elder sister Jiafei took me to the beautiful world of painting when I was young. Now I’m an army man and have less time to draw pictures, but I have ability to protect elder sister Jiafei.
——student: Zou Wanlin (first one from Jiafei’s right)

I feel so lucky that learnt drawing with Miss Jiafei since primary school, now I entered an art college I dreamed of.
——student: Shi Weixiao (second one from Jiafei’s right), 2014.9


It is the most lucky thing for Hu Jingjing to meet Miss Jiafei. We sincerely appreciate Miss Xie Jiafei’s support and painstaking care for Jingjing these years.
——Daddy Hu- Ten Moral Characters of China, 2009.2


Miss Jiafei is a very caring teacher, if scale, I gave her 90 points.
——Dai Mingzhi’s mom, 2007.7


Zhang Si’en was called Painting Talent by his teachers in school, that profits from Miss Jiafei’s free and selfless cultivation these years. We all thank Miss Jiafei very very much.
——Mom of Zhang Si’en, 2015.3


My purpose of letting my kid learning Chinese character-drawing is to cultivate his interest in Chinese characters and gaining knowledge of Chinese culture and wisdom.
——Yifei’s mom, 2013.8


Wang Luyang’s passion for Chinese character-drawing exceeded our expectations, and his imagination was significantly improved, also he was very interested in the evolution of Chinese characters.
——Wang Luyang’s Mom, 2013.9


Every Friday we make a special trip from the north part of Kunming to the west Xishan district to learn Chinese character-drawing with Miss Jiafei. Zhang Yiruo gets extremely excited every Friday. This summer vacation we are planning to send her back to our hometown Dongchuan to learn swim but she told her father that she doesn’t want to go back and she wants to learn Chinese character-drawing with Miss Jiafei, or she can learn to swim from Monday to Thursday in Dongchuan and Dad must send her back to Kunming on Friday to learn Chinese character-drawing. Her mom said: “since she insists on Chinese character-drawing, we won’t go back to our hometown Dongchuan”.
—— Zhang Yiyuan’s mom, 2015.6


Jia Fei Hua Zi gives full play of kids’ imagination on Chinese characters.
—— Jiang Rundong (6 years old)


This is my first time to draw Chinese character, I feel my drawing of Fish is perfect.
—— Tanrui (6 years old)


I like Chinese character-drawing the most. In order to learn this, we won’t go back to our hometown this vocation.
——The boy who drew shrimp, 2014.12

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