Charity Activities

A consolatory performance took place at Kunming Changqing Apartment by the students of Jiafei Art Training Center as a love giving activity to the seniors.
The head teacher Jiafei guided the students to say hi to every grandparents and took photos with one-hundred years old grandma

Jiafei Development Process and Social Charity Activities

2001.9.10 Jiafei Art Training Center came into existence
2003.6.1 Fighting Against SARS Drawing Activity
2004.3.12 Feeling the Nature Outdoor Drawing
2006.1.13 Care and Love Giving to the Seniors
2006.2.13 Consolatory activity in the Nursing Home to show respect and care to the Seniors
2006.12.24 Performance of Talent and Art provided a stage to the Kids to show themselves
2007.5.27 Country kids and city kids hands in hands making friends
2008.5.12 Auction and Donation on Wenchuan Earthquake cultivated children’s sense of responsibility
2009.1.18 Drawing Blue Sky for Seagulls, Caring for Nature
2010.11.17 Saving Leukemia Patients Cherishing Life and Loving Giving Activity
2011.5.5 Changhu Camp, experience life in the wild
2012.3.11 Water-saving and Drought-resistant, save water, cherish the natural resources
2013.9.1 Jia Fei Hua Zi Gaving a Charity Teaching in the Kindergarten



数十娃娃 翠湖义卖



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