Jia Fei Hua Zi Courseware Introduction

Jia Fei Hua Zi— Chinese Literacy Immersion Learning Methodology is a comprehensive system of heuristic teaching method. Each character supporting lesson plans and courseware includes:

  • The origin of Chinese characters and Chinese ancient cultural knowledge
  • Participatory game
  • Evolution demonstration
  • Modern teaching software technology
  • Creative painting and drawing

The teaching plan and software not only mobilized children’ all senses, but also guide them to use personal observation, experience, reflection and painting, eventually forming a clear deep memory associated with the characters, lay a solid foundation for easy literacy and flexible use.

In the participatory games and fun painting activities, Its link from the emotional bond between the child and the characters, let children fall in love before the writing of Chinese characters, Not only develop children’s interest and thinking in characters, but also letting them happily accept the essence of the characters Chinese culture – open a door of vivid characters for beginners of Chinese characters and traditional Chinese culture lovers!

The teaching practice feedback survey results show that the preschoolers who joined Jia Fei Hua Zi, their initiative and enthusiasm for learning Chinese characters and cultural knowledge was significantly higher than that did not participate in Jia Fei Hua Zi , for children literacy, writing with word accuracy significantly increased,interest in reading and comprehension skills also improved.


Chinese Character is one of the most difficult characters in the world; each character are not look the same but quite similar, Do you think it is too difficult to learn Chinese character, too hard to understand? If you are faced with complex a combination of various forms of Chinese characters and stop learning? Do you have an embarrassed, distressed memories while literacy characters in a wrong way during childhood ? Let’s returned at the beginning of 5000 years ago, take a look at the “fish” word appearance in early childhood, from the “fish” the word evolved into Oracle inscriptions, Seal, Traditional, Simplified, a vivid fish show in front of us, in fact, Chinese is not a radical simple stacking and stiff strokes, it is breathing, there is color, rhythm and soul on it; every component of Chinese characters has the meaning it represents, each Chinese characters are vivid images and scenes of life, it is China 5000 years of cultural heritage.




Children through the Jia Fei Hua Zi – the chinese literacy immersion learning methodology. Observe the fish morphology in water, contrast various parts of ” fish” with the word. understanding the evolution of the word “fish” in bright colors of instructure. Children showing us understanding of the word “fish” in their mind and feelings by drawing, Every child is a great artist with freedom, drawing is the common language of children around the world.

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