Jia Fei Hua Zi’s Angel Investors

From Aug. 17, 2013 to Sep. 30, 2014, fortunately Jiafei met the Chinese business model design expert Mr. Jing Tao who gave encouragement and support to her. With the advocacy of Jing Tao, 25 entrepreneurs all around China provide economic aid one after another to Jiafei to support her research and development team to continue exploring and creating Jia Fei Hua Zi teaching courseware. Here, Jiafei would like to extend her sincerest thanks to the 25 angel entrepreneurs.

Jia Fei Hua Zi’s angel investors: Jing Tao, Wu Piming, Bai Kuiwei, Zhao Shayi, Wang Jian, Cao Shanbing, Gu Fugeng, Zhao Tianyu, Gu Yuliang, Li Cuifang, Gao Lihua, Chen Hongjiang, Chen Jinjun, Chen Wali, Tong Ping, Xie Weijie, Qiu Wei, Yang Wu hui, Liang Meixian, Hu Chongliang, Li AiXi, Wang Xuanjiang, Yang Juan, Yu Yuejun, Duan Huichang




  Jia Fei Hua Zi arouses Children’s interest in Chinese characters, makes it is easy for the        foreigners to learn Chinese characters and let the outside world understand China better.  This is a great thing that benefits our nation and our people and it is a real Dream of  China.

 ——Mr. Jing Tao, Chinese business model design expert, 2013.8



We are running business not only for making money, but also willing to do somethingmeaningful. When supporting the development of Jia Fei Hua Zi, we push Chinese Culture forward at least one step.

——Gu Fugeng from Shenzhen, 2014.3.14


Jiafei, I trust you, I want to support you.

 ——Gu Yuliang from Kunming



Gao-LihuaJiafei is doing something great.

——Li Cuifang, president of a bank in Shenzhen




Jiafei is realizing a great dream, the Dream of China.

——Chen Wali, a soprano from Guangzhou, 2014.3.15



 Jia Fei Hua Zi is a culture undertaking that benefits the next generation. The entrepreneurs must have social responsibility. I will support Jiafei forever.

 ——Wang Xuanjiang, Chairman of Directors, Kunming,  2014.6

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